Monday, October 31, 2011

1/6 wonderland at Hobby Lobby!

Went to Hobby Lobby today and examined the Christmas section.  Found a bounty of 1/6th size items! Their Christmas stuff is 50% off this week, too.
 Mini cookie cutters.  Several holiday shapes.  My hand is in this photo (and others) for scale.
Street lamp.  LOVED this one. 
Old school coke case with 6 bottles.  The bottles were glued in, but I'm sure they could be finessed out.  
Tiny tool set.  I'm definitely going back for these.  Ken NEEDS a drill and a monkey wrench.  They also had hunting and fishing gear in this section, but they varied as to how much 'in scale' they were. 

These were the right scale, but they are hard and possibly breakable.  They also had basketballs.  These were in the "decorate a tiny tree" section.

There were several variations on the 'tiny cookie' theme.  Also other candies and perfectly sized christmas lights. 
There were also a ton of things (like tiny police cars or firetrucks) that would work well as toys for a barbie, but I didn't have time to capture them all.  I'm returning tomorrow with my gift card and coupon and will post pictures of my bounty.  


  1. Wow! Looks like im gonna have to make a trip up to Hobby lobby this week! Great finds!

  2. @William,
    Do post what you find! There was probably other size-appropriate stuff, I just didn't have time to look at every thing. I will be heading back though, but to a different one, so I don't know if it will have the same stuff or not.

    And FYI, if you have a Garden Ridge nearby, they have close-to-1/6 Adirondack chairs.

  3. I LOVE the mini tools. Some of my girls want them - Princess Yamy, etc. The Power Team guys and the Joes could use them, too. But my Kens give me a puzzled look? What do they need handyman tools for? Barbies can afford to hire professionals ;-D

  4. Hello from Spain: what a good idea gave me the Christmas decorations on the scale 1 / 6. I will do some recreation with the parts you buy. Luckily we already have the new fashionista., I love it. You saw the original and unique collection as you doll. They are different from all. Very good job. We remain in contact blog blog

  5. I love them! I wish there was a hobby lobby near me. Do they do net or mail order on these items?

  6. Unfortunately, Hobby lobby has a very limited selection on their online shop. They didn't used to have one at all:/

  7. Those tiny ornaments that look like star-shaped sugar cookies--At a craft show someone had added loops on them and was reselling them as earrings. I wore them every December until I lost them last year!