Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Extreme makeover, Ken edition

On flickr the other day, I saw an awesome AA Ken redo (someone else's ken) and I loved it.  So I set out to reproduce it.  First, I found a cheap "beach steven" because he had molded hair without too much height to it.  He also has the newer, more barbie-like head join, so i didn't have to try to reroot the other type of ken neck--score!  Then I used straight acetone to 'erase' his black hair.  Bald Steven.
I used an extra big "doll" needle to root a line of hair across the front of his hairline. 

There were 14 plugs. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't put plugs quite so close to his ears--they weren't necessary and were harder to glue. 

I braided each plug and fastened it with a tiny rubber band. 
 Then came the hard part.  First off, I learned that hot glue would not work.  I like the instant-grab nature of hot glue, but it dried too bulky and shiny.  So I peeled it off.  Tacky glue would have been good, I think, but I didn't have any, so I went to good old Elmers school glue.  I started with the front center braid and ran a line of glue over the top of his head down to the nape of his neck and laid the braid in it.  It held for all of 2 seconds and popped back up.  There was no way to glue the hair down and have it hold...until I thought of pins. 

So I made lines with the white glue in contours around his head, and pinned the braid in at strategic intervals.  I let it all dry overnight, and it turned out pretty good, except in a few places the glue looked a little flaky, like he had dandruff. 

Fortunately, flocking covers a multitude of sins, AND made the braids look "softer", so the flaking doesn't matter. 

Once the flocking glue is completely dry, I will probably go back and fill in a little bit more where necessary.  But for now, the hair is close enough for government work!  I'm tickled. 


  1. Great job, Ms_Lola_77! I like the combination of the sewn braids AND the flocking.

  2. Hi again! I would like to Follow this blog, but when I click on the Followers word to the right of your entries, no Followers actions happen. In case you forgot to enable Followers.

    Thanks in advance ;-D


  3. Thanks! I've got a few it must be enabled...but if it's not, how do I do it? I'm ridiculously new at this.

  4. Yay! Coolness. One day I might try this. I like the idea that I have to do less rooting but the idea of braiding that small and that much makes me lazy. Hahaha.

    As for Dana's query, I usually add the URL of blogs I'd like to follow from my Dashboard. I hope that helps. :)

  5. @Niel, I actually think using something like yarn to make the braids would be better than braiding 'hair'. It looks too slick when braided that tiny. I actually really love the "fuzzy" look it has now with the flocking and am thinking about cutting the long braids down his back off or somehow 'flocking' them.

  6. looks good, gonna have to try this one. I did one with braids but I used the hot glue and flocking as well. It came out well, however it was a hassle to work with the hot glue LOL. Great job.

  7. Love your blog, great tutorial!!! Thanks for joining my blog, you've got a new follower!

  8. I did dreadlocks to a doll but I like this too! Great Job!

  9. @Niel, thanks! I've got "I can quit anytime" in my blogroll now. Yay!

  10. Awesome! I just some flocked hair on a Moxie Teenz doll!