Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tiny Tim Gunn

Mattel came out with a line of Barbies styled by Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame.  While I do intend to buy the mattel dolls as money permits, I couldn't imagine having Barbies styled by Tim but no Tim!  So I decided to make one. 
First I looked through EVERY listing for an action figure head on Ebay to find one that would be suitable.  I think I really lucked out when I found this guy:


It's hard to find an action figure head that isn't scowling (because wars and action and stuff are serious business) so this guy's almost near half smile was a great find.

Next, Tiny Tim Gunn needed a body.  Luckily, I have a lot of headless bodies around.  This one was, I believe, a Hannah Montana character, long ago beheaded. 

The existing neck on the body was actually too long for the action head, and I didn't want to take a blade to the head since it was new, so I used my dremel to shave the body's neck down to shoulder level.  Very quick and easy.
 I needed a way to attach the two, so I formed a neck post out of some Billy Mays' power putty (it's a two part putty that you blend and then shape and it hardens.  I cut off a glob, blended it, crammed half of it in the neck hole and shaped the top part into a shaft.  I put the action head on top of it to mold it into the correct shape then removed the head and let the new post dry).

While waiting for the new post to dry, I painted the action head's hair greyish-white.  I may need to go slightly darker, but will see at the end. 

Next I added some glasses I had made previously,

And suddenly he's starting to take on a real Tim Gunn feel! 

Now he had to borrow some ill-fitting Ken clothes, but I'm going to do some shopping for him as soon as I can, so for now he's just going to Make It Work. 

I already feel like he's judging what I'm wearing. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

So how do I follow people now?

I can't find the follow button on the new blogger interface.  Someone help me, I'm e-tarded.