Monday, November 7, 2011

Beautiful OOAK dolls with awesome hair--link

Saw this on a friend's FB page--now I'm wondering if she's a dolly person?  How does one go about asking that without the other person coming away from the conversation thinking you're crazy if they're not?  I should probably just be out and proud about my dolliness, but I'm still chicken. 
BUT!  Check out this site--FB page for natural dolls by Beads, Braids and Beyond

If you're not on the FB, you can see their main site here:  Beads Braids and Beyond
Big beautiful afros!  I have used Kristl's afro tutorial but have never been able to get it quite right.  I don't know what method Beads Braids and Beyond uses, but all of their hairstyles are AWESOME. 


  1. I say ya just go ahead and ask lol. Come on out with the dolliness LOL. Great site by the way. Love what she does with the hair on the dolls.

  2. Actually, she's not a doll person. She friended me on FB and I offered to do a guest blog for her. I did my boil perm on Leah's "American Girl" substitute. Then BB&B blogger did some on her daughters dolls. THen she started selling them. It's just come full circl. I wish you had alerted me that you started a blog!! You know how much I love you!!

  3. btw I like her a lot. She's very cool. I hope she sells a ton of those dolls. I read back over my earlier comment just now and i think it came off a little brusque. You would not believe the number of hits she generated for my blog!!