Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tiny Tim Gunn, part 2

 When last we saw Tiny Tim Gunn, he was still quite casual.  Fine for a weekend, but Tiny Tim Gunn has work to do!
 Following a link from another blogger (and if it was YOU please comment--I'm trying to find the original post but no luck yet), I ordered TTG a suit from Nancy's Doll Things on Ebay (  Her prices are great and clearly this is a woman who has worked out the kinks of sewing in such a tiny scale. 


 I bought the suit, which came with a white shirt, and bought an extra shirt to give him a little more flair.  I did make a couple of alterations to the suit because TTG is on a "teen" body--I took the shirt in some in the back (just hand tacked it to take up slack) and also tacked the ends of the short sleeves so they wouldn't bunch up.  Tiny Tim Gunn won't be taking off his jacket much.  I also put little cardboard "shoulder pads" since the teen body has very slopey shoulders.  I don't think any of these adaptions would be necessary for a standard Ken doll, but possibly for a skinny Model Muse Man. 

I have to say I'm very happy with Tiny Tim Gunn.  He now sits in my living room where he silently critiques the family's clothes.  I swear my kids have become much more fashion aware since he's been sitting there...he just has that power. 

Now all I need is the Tim Gunn Barbies and I'll have my own little Project Runway on a Shelf.  I can't wait!
  And neither can Tiny Tim Gunn.