Monday, October 10, 2011

Chubby chasing

I love Barbies, but I especially love "barbie" type dolls with plus sized bodies.  I have a Tracy Turnblad doll, two Mimi Bobecks, two plus-sized Raven Simones and two Rosie O'Donnells.  The Tracy has a cute face, Mimi is cute in her own way (with some repainting, but although I tried, I just didn't like the Rosie doll's face.  So I gave her a new head. 

This is the head from one of my many thrift store dolls.  The skin tone is a decent match (Rosie is very pale) and it's one of those big-headed dolls so the scale is right.  Of course, the neck post on Rosie is more comparable to a Ken sized head post, so the neck was a challenge.  I basically slit the back of her neck and filled it in with hot glue.  I tried a bunch of different things and finally stuck with hot glue because even if it's not attractive, it's easy to use.  Her head does not move, of course.  But before it fell off easily, so this is an improvement.

As for clothes, she actually fits more of the Barbie clothes than I expected.  She fits only Ken pants, but some of the stretchiest barbie shirts fit.  But the best thing for her to look both feminine and well dressed are the simple sock dress.  Her feet are slightly bigger than a Barbie's feet, but she fits some of the flatter barbie shoes and also Liv shoes. 

Sometime I'll have to post the original Rosie head I tried to modify by removing the teeth...not a great look.

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