Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Look who has arrived in the Memphis area!

And look who came home with me!!!
This will be the first fashionista I ever bought with the intention of keeping head and body together.  I might go back for some bodies later (since I hear Nikki is darker than Artsy) but this one had to come home TODAY.

Set me free!  I actually really like the top and the necklace, but the pants make her look knock-kneed and the shoes are strange.  They'll be going to the kids.  Now for the REAL freedom...

 Aaaah...that's better. 

They had the other "2012" fashionistas too, and I liked one of the other faces, but she was blonde so I waited...I'm not huge on blonde dolls.  "Nikki" has the same freaking face as Artsy, so I'm not going to bother unless I can figure out a skin match with one of my other heads--her skin is still really light.

I also picked up some almost-barbie sized food-shaped erasers, and a Steven that's going to get an extreme makeover.  More to come on him soon.

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