Monday, February 4, 2013

Doll profile: Barbie collector Diwali (Festivals of the world)

I am very bad about wanting MOAR MOAR MOAR dolls, and I realized I need to spend a little time appreciating the ones I have.  So I'm going to post pictures of some of my favorites, starting with the doll that started it all, Festivals of the World: Diwali. 

I didn't start collecting Barbies until my daughters started to like them. I didn't realize that I liked them to until my oldest daughter traded one of her dolls with a neighbor and I realized that I didn't want that doll to go (it was princess of Portugal).  Around the same time, I saw a bag of Barbies at a local thrift store which included the Festivals of the World Diwali Barbie.  It was $6.99 for the bag and at first I didn't want to spend the money, so I left it there.  But I thought about that doll all weekend.  First thing Monday morning, I went back to the thrift store and the bag was still there!  This is the doll that had been on my mind all weekend.

She had a few hair chops, but not a bunch, and I eventually put her on an articulated body, but her face is magnificent and she came with all of her original jewelry.
I really don't know how they expected her to do any Diwali dancing on that stiff body, but she could dance up a storm on her new Fashionista body.  Her skin tone was a perfect match for the generic Fashionista and this is a first-run fashionista body.

Interestingly enough, she actually uses a more "ethnic" sculpt than actual "Barbie in India" dolls sold in India (my sister has sent me two).  

Above is Diwali Barbie, sold for an American market.

Here is Barbie in India, sold for the Indian market. Uses a standard "Barbie" mold, just with jet black hair.

I personally prefer the Diwali sculpt but of course love the actual Indian clothes on the BiA doll.  Will post pictures of her another time. 

This is the doll that launched a thousand purchases.  She is still one of my favorites!


  1. Perfect way to start. I love it! :)

  2. That is so interesting that the doll sold in India is given the generic American mold. I like the more ethnic mold better.

  3. She is a gorgeous doll and is kind of hard to you did very well!

  4. Your Diwali Barbie, 2006 pink label, originally sold for $19.95 but her value has significantly increased and today she sells quite high on the secondary market. Congrats on scoring her at the thrift store. I agree with you, the Diwali sculpt is nicer than the Barbie in India sculpt, and she looks really lovely on her new body.

  5. something similar happened to me...when you cant get a Barbie doll out of your mind, is when you become a collector..heheh; you are so so lucky in finding that doll in a thrift store, I mean woow!!