Saturday, December 17, 2011

The easiest pair of barbie pants you'll ever make

When summer rolled around, I cut all the sleeves off of the long sleeve pajamas for my 3 year old.  And being a fabric hoarder, I didn't throw them out but squirreled them away. Today I found one and thought, "Pants!"  So I turned the sleeve (with cuff attached) wrong side out, sewed two parallel seams for legs (not exactly even, next time I will draw them first instead of free handing them). 

I cut up the center, turned them right side out, and pants!

Good loungewear for the casual barbie.  Could also add a cute little decorative drawstring so Barbie can have yoga pants. 


  1. what a easy way to make a pair of pants!good job!

  2. Hello from Spain: I already see that you take advantage of the fabric to do trousers to Barbie. It seems easy of does but with the needle it is complicated thread everything. We follow in contact of blog blog

  3. Wow! Great idea. It is the little details like putting in a waistband and things that make you not want to make anything. You have skipped that step all together.

  4. I've got to get over my reluctance to start sewing for the dolls. My gram taught me to sew at an early age so it's not for a lack of knowledge. This would be a great first project for me!!

    -- Kristl

  5. Kristl, I actually HATE sewing for Barbies. I am used to sewing big things like drapes and human clothes, so sewing tiny fussy things drives me nuts. These pants, much like sock sweaters, involve so little sewing, though, that they hardly count.
    I will say, though, that after sewing for Barbie, sewing for 18" dolls is a BREEZE. I bought a pattern for them and it was so fast and was awesome!

  6. Too bad I won't make these as I don't have and can't get that supply. I feel so teased. :-P ;-) (I'm guessing buying toddler-or-whatever clothes to cut up will be more expensive than fabric, and therefore not worth it.)

    These are surprisingly cute for gym or sleep pants. They remind me of one of my top two fave sweatpants from Vickie's (I'd personally love to try to transfer some words on the butt - ha - not that I'd wear that outdoors except to get the mail but that's how my sleep pants came). I even really need gym pants for BB bodies. I have an Everflex gal who really wants to get to the gym! Most of my "gym pants" are from Sporty Spice and one CUTE, awesome pair from a superwack, ugly Christina Aguilera (I think I'll rid myself of the head and save her body for a more petite girl with a disproportionately large bust; at least her body's unique! Don't know when I'll need that though) and they fit really skinny legs only. Gee, thanks, (slightly) bigger girls don't even have gym pants in my city! RR. I do mean to hunt eBay for some. (So much eBaying, so little time - I find it consumes a lot itself!)

  7. If you have thrift stores with really low prices you can usually get toddler clothes cheap--kid clothes are usually plentiful in these places because they sell. And it can even be a stained shirt as long as the sleeves are okay:D
    I personally love casual clothes for my barbies. I dont wear my evening dress every day and neither would my dolls! My favorite pair of pants for barbies right now is a striped pair of pj bottoms. They even have a tiny drawstring!